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Friday Evening

Saturday Evening


Now, whilst the DJ and Producer and all round ‘international legend’ known as ‘Slipmatt’ has no affiliations with Sicilian families or crime (thankfully), he is most definitely in this case one deserving of the titles ‘Godfather’ and ‘Boss’. Here’s the exception to the rule though, he did not give himself these names, these accolades were not created off the back of some 90’s hype campaign, the name Godfather – in reference to the ‘Godfather Of Rave’ is a name he has worked very hard for nearly three decades to earn, and earn it he most definitely has.


Slip back in time and old skool Ibiza finalist Ray Mitchell will be hitting the decks Saturday    night with a mix of Kevin and Perry classic Ibiza trance anthems as well as your favourite club classics.

Mike Fox is back  !!  Not  exactly a local as he lives in Cornwall, Mike has played here  on two previous occasions, but he and his family make the trip to give you the best of his amazing song  writing talents. One bloke and a guitar   will have you  memorised  and begging for more !

show  n   shine


"Show 'n' Shine" -  For those  who  wish to display their  cars in the arena..... you could win an award   !  On Saturday it is a free for all, any marque   of vehicle can park  in the arena  for fun

( no prizes)... on the Sunday.... VW's   only.....free to enter... just rock up in the arena.. fill out a form   and   see  if your lucky...  Categories  are...Best Split, Best Beetle, Best Bay, Best Custom, Best T4/T5/T6, Best Water Cooled, Best Rat look, Best Other, Done on a budget, Furthest Travelled, Daily Driver, D.I.L.I.G.A.F

Free  stuff for the kids....


On both Saturday and Sunday , there will be free activities   for the kids to enjoy free of charge. These will include a  colouring in   competition, circus skills, sand art ( limited numbers) and  paint your own VW ( limited numbers) . Why not colour in the  kids T-shirts too? ( T-shirts are £5 , limited sizes. ) 

Fun  Fair 

We are the only VW show in the UK with  a full size family fun fair.  The   fun fair  is  being supplied and run by " Forest  Amusements ", and the rides are kept at a low price to make it less hurtful  on your pocket.